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Building an In-Ground Outdoor Fire Pit

November 27, 2012

Building Your Own In-Ground Fire Pit
Relaxing outside in the warm evening with your feet hanging up infront of the crackling fire pit is one of the most convenient way to end the day. All of the members of your household and friends will be drawn to sit infront of the pit with you and start a great conversation and bond building the rest of the evening. Aside from having a small talk with loved ones, you can grill barbeque and marshmallows in the pit at the same time.

If you are thinking to buy a ready made fire pits for your backyard, you can buy it at your favorite home improvement store or you can check online on the sites such as the AGI Group Buytikitorches.com, surely you can find vast selection of ready made fire pits there. Building your pit is quite a fun and practical. You can build a pit yourself or have somebody to assist you.

How to Create a DIY Fire Pit

Building Your Own In-Ground Fire Pit1. Get a tape measure or any measuring tool and check how wide your pit to be. Get a piece of string and tie it to the stakes in the opposite end. Put one stake at the center and scrape the earth or ground and go around in an even circle.

2. Dig a hole for about twelve inches then remove the earth from the base of the hole circle. Dig an 8 inches wide hole at the bottom of the intended fire pit for about 12 inches deep and fill it with gravel. The gravel will drain the water in the event of rainfall instead of gathering them to the base of the pit.

Building Your Own In-Ground Fire Pit3. Place a gravel of about 4 inches high to the bottom of the pit and 4 inches of sand at top of the gravel. Make sure that they are leveled. Bring down your first piece of the decorative stone or any kind of decorating material to build a pit while keeping the middle area of the circle hollow. Fill the remaining area of the hole with the decorative stone until resemble a complete circle.

4. Spread the mortar for about one-inch over the decorative stone then lay the second layer of the stone while keeping an even circle and maintaining the stone leveled as much as possible. Put another two layers of the decorative stone with a bed mortar to hold them still. Scrape any excess as you go. Maintain cleaner inner edge. Let it dry overnight. You can add a grate if you wanted or put a large grill over the top of the pit if you want to grill using the pit.

5. When you start a fire, collect burn wood or charcoal and kerosene to make a fire.

When this DIY fire pit creation is over, you can now hold an intimate gathering with your family and friends in your backyard, grill some barbeque and marshmallows while enjoying the background music and endless stories. But if you do not want to dig some earth, you can purchase a ready-made outdoor fire pits from your favorite home improvement store.

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